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Cargo Declaration

Esta predefinição define a tabela "InfoboxSkins". Ver tabela.

Form Information This template uses the form Form:Infobox Skins.

Documentação[Limpar cache]

This template is used to create infoboxes on Skins pages. It can also be generated using Form:Infobox Skins.

Usage[editar código-fonte]

{{Infobox Skins
|parameter1 = value1
|parameter2 = value2
|parameter3 = value3

Parameters[editar código-fonte]

Title that goes in header of infobox.
Image filename for main image. Do not include the File:.
Rarity of the skin.
The type of the skin: Outfit, back bling, harvesting tool, glider, etc.
The set that contains the skin.
Cost for skin in V-Bucks.
How to obtain this skin, for example Battle Pass.
Long-form description of this skin, if provided in game.