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Essa documentação se aplica à {{Infobox Gamebox}} como visto no Battle Royale e no Salve o Mundo. This Infobox could feasibly be used for Battle Royale Limited Time Modes any further expansions Fortnite might have.

Uso[editar código-fonte]

{{Infobox Gamebox
|parameter1 = value1
|parameter2 = value2
|parameter3 = value3

Parâmetros[editar código-fonte]

Universal parameters used on all infoboxes:

Title that goes in header of infobox.
Image filename for main image. Do not include the File:.
Official description of the game. Try taking the description from a store page.
Genre of game. Use this to mark LTM if applicable.
Queue type (when this box is used for LTM's)
Developer(s) of game
Publisher(s) of game
Platform(s) of game
Early Access release date, if any
Release date, if any
Current version of game (usually patch number). Use patch of release for LTM.