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Cargo Declaration Esta predefinição define a tabela "HeroImages". Ver tabela.

Form Information This template uses the form Form:HeroImage.

Documentação[Limpar cache]

This template is used to add metadata for Hero image files. The information entered in this template is used to generate information in the infoboxes of Character and Hero pages using {{Infobox Characters}} and {{Infobox Heroes}}, respectively.

Use[editar código-fonte]

In most cases, this template should only be used on File: pages. For normal use, procedure is as follows:

  1. Upload image
  2. To enter info via the form (RECOMMENDED):
    1. Enter the file name into Form:HeroImage
    2. Fill out the form fields as described
  3. To enter info via the wikitext editor:
    1. Navigate to the file's page
    2. Click "edit" in the top left of the file page
    3. Paste the syntax below into the page and fill out the parameters

Syntax[editar código-fonte]

|class=<hero class>
|char=<character name>

Parameters[editar código-fonte]

Class of hero displayed in this image. Values: Constructor, Ninja, Outlander, Soldier.
Subclass of hero displayed in this image. See Constructor, Ninja, Outlander, and Soldier for subclass lists for each class.
Rarity of the hero displayed in this image.
Name of character displayed in this image.
How can you obtain this hero? Examples: Llamas, Collection Book, Storm Llama, etc.
For advanced use only: If this template is not being used on a File page, what file is the above information referring to?