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Documentação[Limpar cache]

This template is used to simulate the appearance of the <fieldset> and <legend> HTML tags. Its most common use will most likely be organizing form fields, as that is the original purpose of the fieldset HTML tag.

{{fieldset}}[editar código-fonte]

Use[editar código-fonte]

{{fieldset|<title>|id=<optional id>}}
Content here

<title> Content here

Parameters[editar código-fonte]

first unnamed parameter 
The title of the fieldset. If omitted, defaults to "Form".
HTML ID of the fieldset, useful for designating elements for the "show on select" function in Page Forms. Optional.

{{fieldset/end}}[editar código-fonte]

The sub-template {{fieldset/end}} is used to create the ending tag for the fieldset div. It is REQUIRED, omitting it will cause your formatting to break.