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Predefinição:FP icon

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Documentação[Limpar cache]

This template creates a main page icon with a text link underneath. As the page width narrows, a group of these icons will rearrange themselves onto as many lines as necessary. The group can be centered by enclosing the template calls in <center> ... </center> tags.

Customization[editar código-fonte]

  • The vertical alignment can be changed from either top to bottom depending on the nature of the icons.
  • The default size of the icons can be changed, or the size parameter can be set.
  • The text links under the icons can be removed.

Example[editar código-fonte]


{{FP icon|Link-guides.png|Especial:Preferências|Special: Preferences}} — This line demonstrates how longer titles can be made to wrap if they have spaces
{{FP icon|Link-guides.png|Página principal}} — This line demonstrates how to remove the text link below the icon
{{FP icon|Link-guides.png|https://google.com Google}} — This line demonstrates how to create an external link
{{FP icon|Link-guides.png|Project:Portal comunitário{{!}}Locations}} — This line demonstrates how to change the display text for a given link
{{FP icon|Link-guides.png|Especial:Aleatória|size=100px}} — This image has a size parameter



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