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Estrutura da tabela:

  • Name - String
  • Image - File
  • Class - Page
  • Subclass - Page
  • CharName - Page
  • Rarity - String
  • RarityValue - Integer
  • SourceList - Lista de Page
  • EventList - Lista de Page
  • Description - Text

Esta tabela tem um total de 4 linhas.

Página Name Image Class Subclass CharName Rarity RarityValue SourceList EventList Description
Alquimista Alquimista Ninja Gradually regenerates health through melee combat, and uses smoke bomb to heal allies.
Demolidor Demolidor Soldado Specializes in fighting crowds of enemies with explosive shells and grenades that regenerate more quickly in combat.
Mestre Granadeira Mestre Granadeira Soldado An explosives Expert, with powerful high-end Frag Grenade upgrades.
O Corvo O Corvo Soldado N/A Shadowy figure who screeches deafening War Cries before eliminating prey with his dual wielded pistols.